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Great Roofing Services in Columbus, OH

When you are in need of a roofer that you can call, regardless of what you may need, you won’t have to look any further than us. We are Infinity Solutions Ohio and we can provide you with a variety of important roofing services to ensure the life of your roof. We are a top-rated residential roofer in Columbus, OH, and we can lend our expertise whenever you require it. Whether you want to know about a new roof or are trying to get a leak repaired, we are able to address your concerns. Dial (614) 476-8800 when you want to talk to us or when you want to work with a residential roof company that cares about you and your roof.

Roof Repairs

One of the main issues Infinity Solutions Ohio sees in residential roofing is repairs that need to be done. Sometimes a storm comes through and makes holes in a roof, or leaks may show up because of uneven wear on a roof. There’s no way to predict when this sort of thing will happen, but once you are aware of a situation, it is important to handle it quickly. If you call us to complete a job, this is exactly what we will do. We have time for all of our customers and the repairs that they need to complete. If you have asphalt shingles, this is a type of roofing that we are well-versed with, so we can install new shingles, fix areas of damaged shingles, and much more.

Roof Installs

When we look at your roof, we will be able to ascertain whether or not your roof can be repaired. After a certain number of years, your roof usually needs to be replaced. This can also be true if you have incurred enough damage, where your roof is not protecting your home effectively. Once we look at the situation, we will have all the information we need to tell you what types of repairs should take place. If it is more economical to get a new roof installed, we will let you know. We are not a residential roofing contractor that only recommends new installs each time.

Roof Inspections

Another service we provide is roof inspections. This means we will check on your roof and investigate what the status of it is. In some cases, there will be minor issues, and other times, there may be sections that need major repairs. This type of inspection can help you when it comes to insurance claims or when you are trying to figure out your best move in terms of roof repairs.

We Can Help Today

Since there are so many things we can help you with, you should consider placing us at the top of your list as your residential roofer in Columbus, OH. We offer services that will fit into your budget, and we never try to upsell you on repairs that you do not need. We know that a roof is a big commitment, so we will always do our best to take care of yours when you choose to work with our company. We want to be your roofer, and we want to answer any questions you may have as well. Contact us at (614) 476-8800 to set up an appointment or to ask about any services we are able to provide.