Roofing Storm Damage Repairs in Columbus, OH

A Roof With Storm Damage on the Shingles.

Contact Us After Storms

When a storm rolls through your neighborhood, it can be something that really affects you as a homeowner. It is possible for your property to be damaged, which is something you will have to handle as quickly as you can, especially if it harms something like your roof. If you encounter storm damage, a roofer can keep you covered and help you get all repairs done properly. At Infinity Solutions Ohio, this is exactly how we can help you. We are experienced with roof storm damage repair in Columbus, OH, and we can come to your aid quickly. We know after a major storm, you can’t just sit around and wait. You may need repairs done right away or advice on how proceed with an insurance claim. Call us at (614) 476-8800 when you need answers about your roof and how to repair it. We are around and able to help!

Leaking Roofs

At times, a storm may cause you to have a leaky roof. This is no way to live, so a leak that is showing up, especially when it is affecting the inside of your house, must be repaired without delay. Infinity Solutions Ohio is able to provide much-needed solutions for roof leaks. We can fix everything from big issues to small ones, and we put the same care into each job. We will also help you determine if the leak should be repaired, or if you will need a completely new roof.

Insurance Claims

When a storm is bad enough and you have valuable coverage on your roof, you might have to file an insurance claim to help get your roof fixed up. Not only can we assist you with the entire insurance claims process, but we can also provide a roof inspection, which you can pass along to your insurance agent. This will help you determine what company you want to work with, even if it is not ours.

Emergency Issues

One thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we are around in emergencies. Inclement weather can happen anytime, so when storms rear their ugly heads and cause your roof to become damaged, storms don’t always arrive during business hours. Luckily, we can be contacted at any time of the day or night to handle emergency repairs. We will arrive on site quickly, so we can make sure everything is patched up and will get through the night. Then after things get back to normal, weather-wise, we can visit again to talk about your options and how to proceed with storm damage repair in Columbus, OH.

Wind Damage

The wind is something that people don’t always think about, especially in terms of it doing serious damage to your property. The truth is that wind can affect your roof negatively, especially if there is something like a hurricane or tornado in your area. If you are affected by any of these weather events, you owe it to yourself to talk to us about how we can assist you with the upkeep of your roof. We always want you to stay safe, and not have to worry if your roof is going to collapse or ruin the interiors of your house.

A Roof With Major Storm Damage

We Are Ready to Help

There are so many ways that a storm can harm your roof, which can really cramp your style. When your roof is compromised, you are probably unable to fix it for yourself. That’s why we are able to help you any day of the week. We want to take care of you in terms of roof storm damage repair in Columbus, OH, so let us be the company that you count on. We have been fixing roofs for years, so we know how to handle even the biggest issues. Work with us and we will show you how professionally we handle our jobs. Feel free to reach out to us at  (614) 476-8800 for help after a major storm, or if you want to find out other ways we can aid you in maintaining your roof.