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When you need a roofing service you can trust in your area, it can take a long time to comb through the ads and webpages to find one that is worthwhile. It may take time that you really don’t have, especially if you need help in the worst way. At Infinity Solutions Ohio, we are a roofer in Columbus, OH that you can trust, and will always offer you advice that you can count on. We want you to have the best roofing services possible, so we never recommend things that aren’t needed. Call on us at (614) 476-8800 to learn more about our company and the services we can provide for you.

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Leaking Roofs Fixed Up


No one wants to have to worry about a leaking roof, but at times, they are a fact of life. When you need a roofer in Columbus, OH, Infinity Solutions Ohio can aid you when it comes to leaks showing up on your roof. We are able to address leaks of various sizes, and we will do our best to handle everything in a manner that prevents major damage from reoccurring. We want to keep you from having to get a whole new roof, so we will take all the precautions we can to stop this. Of course, if you need a new roof, we are able to install those as well, so you are covered regardless. Find out how we can help with roof leak repair by calling (614) 476-8800.

hail storm damaged shingles

Storm Damages Alleviated

Prompt Response to Repairs

Other types of jobs where Infinity Solutions Ohio shines as a roofer in Columbus, OH are storm damages. No matter if you have roof damage from wind, hail, or just a storm in general, we will be able to fix you up. Let us come take a look at your roof, so we can be sure that your roof is intact before another storm rolls in. You don’t want to be uncovered when the rainy season hits or when the weather report calls for snow. We can assist you with storm damage at any time, and in any season. Just call us at (614) 476-8800.

Roof Insurance Claims Help

Assistance With Insurance Claims

Roofing Experts

When you have any type of damage to your roof, it may be covered by your insurance. Be sure to keep a copy of your homeowner’s policy somewhere accessible to you, so you are able to read it when you need to. It can tell you when it’s appropriate to file an insurance claim. Infinity Solutions Ohio can help you through the entire insurance claims process, if this is something you require as well, as we know the procedures, and we are licensed to do inspections and repairs. We are a full-service roofer in Columbus, OH and we want our customers to always remember why they chose us. We offer high quality results that you can’t get everywhere. Contact us at (614) 476-8800 when you want to work with the best roofer in the area. We will show you what makes our company special.